Friday, 27 January 2012

folksy friday - 'Milk'

Okay, so I have been thinking of rice pudding, on and off for nearly a week - but as per usual, when tea time comes around I forget about rice pudding altogether and I haven't made any yet. So no rice pudding this week - 

But next week when we are hit by blizzards, snow storms (and people unable to get to work!) I will remember my pudding and I WILL MAKE ONE. Meanwhile I did look for artistic impressions of rice pudding, but strangely enough I could not find any - so milk it is - and they are fantastic:
Firstly how about this lovely picture 
It is so pretty and so modern - I love it! 

How brilliant is this! It is perfect - the colours, the fabrics and the beautiful embroidery!

It is about time I bought myself a little necklace - this one is lovely!

And - surely any kid would get a bath with these milk soaps around (well, maybe my two soap dodgers would just keep them and not use them.) Fantastic!
Love the shop name too.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Folksy Friday - 'Blue'

I haven't made a Folksy Friday before, but looking at others and having a look at Folksy and its 'Modern' New Look I thought I would pick a few of my favourite blue finds. Blue because it's January, I'm feeling a little sad and blue because it is hard at the moment (never watch the news) 

But remember we are British and we are resilient!

So, after that, this is my first choice (above) 
a beautiful lino print of a beautiful part of old blighty (Cornwall)

And how British is this! And how amazing too! and it's just one of the many tea cosy by Cherry Bee
(and this is a more simple design too!)
shop: CherryBee

A bit of a bargain find - so pretty and practical too Perfect for your country cottage 
(or my semi detached 80's house!)
shop: Ooohbetty

I absolutely love this headband - so individual. Brilliant, beautiful pieces.

Really pretty, neat and understated - lots of lovely retro screen prints and cushions too.
shop: 35flower

Sunday, 15 January 2012

It's just so hard!

I was trying to be clever, I thought I could do it - What was I thinking! Something was bound to go wrong. It most certainly did - With a new blog design (sort of) a clean up for 2012, I became so confused with blogger, trying out new templates (and trying to put in other peoples templates from their blogs) I really, really stuffed it up.

So here I am about 5 hours down the line and I have managed to add a new background, tweak bits and bobs and add a new header - but there were tears, one great panic and screams of NO, NO, NO. Things just have to get better!

Happy 2012!!