Thursday, 7 April 2011


Here's a new doorstop I designed and made a few months ago, a friend wanted me to make one, so this was my initial design which I quite like because it is so lovely and big. My friend picked the second design I did (I'll post this soon)

I have now made two boat door stops and a rabbit doorstop and still do not own one myself. I think this is because I do not really understand why they have to be so decorative because I'd use any old thing as a doorstop and then display the posh doorstop on my mantlepiece!

I have lots of things to do at the moment (and not just the washing, ironing, washing up, etc etc) but instead of doing the really important things on my list (making more cats) I'm messing about taking photos - I'll be in a flap soon and be staying up till 3 in the morning sewing. Is that just me?