Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cute cushion

Lately I have been making cushions!

This is the first one I have made, a special, personalized cushion and I'm now making one which features a mouse with balloons (and I have another mouse in teacup up my sleeve)

I know I can make cushions but I still find them a bit of a challenge, mainly because you have to make them to fit a particular size cushion pad, so you have to concentrate when you are cutting out!

I am also making quite a few cats for a new shop which has opened in Barnard Castle. Helen makes her own cards, pictures, jewellery and fantastic cake stands, which can be seen here

She has now opened a shop in her home town of Barnard Castle and has sold a couple of my retro cats, so I'm busy making a few more for her. I haven't met Helen yet - (we talk through email) but I already think she's smashing, and I wish her tons of luck!