Wednesday, 30 June 2010

1950s chocolate cake

I just had to take a picture of this cake I bought from the fruit and veg shop (!) the other day. It's so old fashioned and 1950's I just had to buy it, it's not little, its a proper big cake to slice up - everyone loved it (even Mia, who swears she doesn't like cake, well not mine or Mr Kipling's anyway) - it did make me smile.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

panda's and pussy cats

I've been working on these little animals for quite a while now, and at last they are finished and friends. So now all I have to do is put them in my Folksy Shop. I've also been working on my beach theme, which I talked about a while ago, but it's taking me a while to get going these days. I think its because I have a few different things I'm working on and I'm no good at multi tasking. Especially with kids to sort out too. Too much homework and clubs and tidying! Oh what a moan!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

happy birthday to me

It was my birthday last Friday, so I'm showing you this lovely card I was given. It is, of course from Mia, with one of her great drawings - a robin and mole dancing!

Monday, 7 June 2010

when the boat comes in

I've spent a lot of time making and taking apart, then making again these boats. I'm quite happy with them now. I'm putting together a beach theme - so I'm going to make buckets next. I've booked a fair later in the month (26 and 27 June) so keep your fingers crossed and I may sell something!

I'm working on a cat at the moment, trying to get her legs right, so as soon as I have finished her I'll post a picture. I have lots of ideas at the moment - it just takes me so long to do them (I do a lot of thinking)