Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It's funny

It's funny that when I make something all I see is all 'the faults' but put them away for a while and I look at them with fresh eyes and wonder - how could I be bothered to spend all that time making that? and even I am surprised at my own patience and you know what - I actually like it now.

Tonight I have been sorting all my pictures on my computer, which have been filled under anything, hidden away, so if I need a picture I can never find it. So I have filled and sorted and binned lots and lots of images, so I now know where everything is (ahhem!)

Whilst doing this huge job I found some pictures of these pin cushions I made (to go on your wrist) and I sold them at my first few fairs (at stupidly cheap prices) as I thought they were silly. Looking back now I think they were cute, and I wish I had kept one for myself.

I just never appreciate anything until it's gone . . .