Thursday, 27 May 2010

LOOK 10 followers! I've hit double figures. Thanks to you all. Above is a picture of my new bag, I've made it for myself and I now need to go somewhere nice to use it (and over the bank holiday I'm going pond dipping and on a little hike to a pub nick named the mucky duck - so perhaps not to either of these great events.)

If you are wondering about the crates - well I have made so much stuff (for all those fairs I'm going to do so well at) I've had everything in plastic bags all in my bedroom. So I had an idea and went to the fruit and veg shop and found some crates and now no bags in my bedroom - just fruit crates. How tidy, How FREE! Mia of couse now wants fruit crates in her room too. Oh dear what have I started.

So there they are lots of owls, mice and rabbits all waiting to be bought. Their time will come.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Just a few pics of some of the tiny things I made over the weekend. The hearts are to dangle from some make up bags I have made, and the bee and cup are to be used - hum, I don't know where. I've actually made myself a bag (!!) so maybe I will dangle them from that, who knows. Maybe a bit too arty for the mums at school.

I've had a lovely weekend, actually going to a few places as part of The Late Shows. We went to Seven Stories which is a lovely museum in Newcastle dedicated to children's books with exhibitions of Judith Kerr's work and Lauren Child. Beautiful illustrations. I was interested to find that Lauren Child had once made lampshades with a friend (they were of course gorgeous) but stopped because they never made any money (hum).

After Seven Stories we went onto The Shipley Art Gallery where we made bonnets for the garden party theme they were having. Fraser was extremely happy to win a prize for his! We did enjoy ourselves - and of course - and most importantly - ALL FREE.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Look at me! with my band of followers. I've always thought I was talking to myself. I'll have to buck my ideas up (or as my mother says 'pull your finger out') and write some interesting stuff now.

I'm actually excited this weekend, because there's a free (yes FREE!) cultural Saturday ahead. The Late Shows are happening in Newcastle. Lots of galleries, libraries and museums are opening from 7-11pm and all for free. So I'm taking Andrew and Fraser to it, we all went last year and luckily one venue was selling sausage sandwiches so it kept the lads happy.

I'm sneaking to a fabric shop this afternoon (as I have the car) I'm telling myself I'm not going to buy anything, just going to have a sniff around. Yes, right.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mia's day

I've mentioned my two children a few times, but I have never shown any of their work. Today I'm going to introduce you to Mia's pictures - she's a very busy little star. This picture of the caterpillar and the strawberry tree is on flickr and has far more views than any of my creations. However, I've told her not to be an artist when she grows up, because artists are always poor.