Sunday, 30 September 2012

Happy Birthday

When I was little (and everyone I know will now say "and you still are") in my very first infant school, when it was your birthday your name was called out in assembly. This meant that you had to come out to the front, receive your special school birthday card and then everyone would sing to you.

But, best of all, there at the front of the hall was THE BIRTHDAY CAKE. I thought it was beautiful, and although I was told that it was plastic, I just couldn't believe it. It was real to me (and I did and still do have a thing for white smooth proper wedding cake icing - I use to live in a pub where I saw lots of wedding cake icing)

So, remembering all that, when I was asked to make a cake I was delighted.

All illustrations by Mia!

So, here is my cake for Shirley's Play Group.
Light those candles and enjoy.


  1. That is amazing and very beautifully made! What a brilliant idea! My sons playgroup has a birthday cake hat that they wear on their special day..they all get super excited by it.

  2. Its perfect - and well done Mia, you have your Mum's artistic talent.