Friday, 27 April 2012

Saltburn by the Sea

In the last school holidays we went to see my parents, who live very near to Saltburn by the Sea. This is a really brilliant place, beautifully Victorian, quiet and a little bit wacky. . .

During the dead of night, in Saltburn someone had sneaked onto the pier and decorated part of it with a woolen creation. To celebrate the Olympic Torch coming to Salty in June (actually on my birthday) the woolen creation was all things sporty. Such a little thing to do - but now quite a crowd puller. Who needs a room full of execs thinking of ways to attract visitors, obviously all you need is a few good knitters (maybe even a few nannas?)

Rock on Saltburn!


  1. That looks amazing! I particularly like the collapsed swimmer!!?? Looks like he was involved in something rather nasty!
    brilliant fun x

  2. I just love this!! What a wonderful, wacky idea - it should have made international news. In fact, I'm going to hunt it down and give it a bit more promotion. Well done you for capturing it so beautifully. Axxx